Job openings at EDF

We're committed to making EDF a great place to work, through our culture and our commitment to diversity. We also value work-life balance and provide strong employee benefits.

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Position Location Posted Date
Legislative Analyst Washington 2018-05-21
Relationship Management Training Specialist San Francisco 2018-05-18
Program Specialist, EDF Climate Corps Multiple 2018-05-14
Program Assistant, China Program New York 2018-05-10
Program Assistant, Climate Washington 2018-05-10
Director, Information Security New York 2018-05-04
Sr. Director, DevOps New York 2018-05-02
Client Operations Specialist Austin 2018-05-01
Executive Assistant New York 2018-04-30
Program Financial Analyst New York 2018-04-30
Program Financial Analyst, Political Affairs Washington 2018-04-30
CA Water & Habitats Analyst San Francisco 2018-04-26
Senior Foundations Officer New York 2018-04-25
Major Gifts Officer San Francisco 2018-04-18
Direct Mail Creative Strategist & Copywriter Washington 2018-04-16
Principal Gifts Coordinator New York 2018-04-16
Senior Analyst, U.S. Climate Policy Washington 2018-04-11
Communications Coordinator, Ecosystems Washington 2018-03-30
Senior Communications Manager, Ecosystems San Francisco 2018-03-30
Senior Donor Events Specialist New York 2018-03-22
Financial Analyst, Business Support Multiple 2018-03-19
Associate Corporate Counsel, Political Law Washington 2018-03-15
Director, European Oceans Program Europe 2018-03-06
International Policy Manager, Oil & Gas Austin 2018-03-02
Senior Writer/Editor New York 2018-03-02
Project and Research Specialist, Ecosystems - Water (San Francisco or Sacramento) Multiple 2018-03-01
Manager, CA Energy Market Policy & Regulation Multiple 2018-02-28
Communications Associate, Oil & Gas and EDF+Biz Austin 2018-02-26
Senior Business Analyst New York 2018-02-20
Director, Financial Operations New York 2018-02-20

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