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With world attention on both the environment and the economy, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) is where policymakers and business leaders turn for win-win solutions. By focusing on strong science, uncommon partnerships and market-based approaches, we tackle urgent threats with practical solutions. We are one of the world’s largest environmental organizations, with more than two million members and a staff of approximately 700 scientists, economists, policy experts, and other professionals around the world. We operate in 22 geographies with unique projects running across four programs. You will be part of a vibrant workplace that welcomes diverse perspectives, talents and contributions, where innovation and results are a way of life.


EDF envisions a world in which people from all backgrounds and experiences feel connected to the environmental challenges we face and are engaged in creating durable, equitable solutions. We seek talented candidates who share the Core Values that allow us to experiment courageously in our work while staying true to who we’ve been as an organization for 50 years. Are you a results oriented individual who is passionate about creating environmental solutions that make a lasting difference in the world? Do you respect diverse perspectives, talents and contributions? Do you value innovation and enjoy designing and using a wide range of problem-solving tools? Do you embrace environmental goals with a sense of optimism while taking into account real-world dynamics? If you have integrity and a strong desire to uphold a commitment to science, rigorous analysis, intellectual honesty and ethical action, then EDF is the place for you.

Lokey Fellowship Overview

The Lokey Fellowship program started in 1992 as an internship opportunity. Since then, the Lokey endowment has added over 22 interns and 18 fellows to Environmental Defense Fund. Their accomplishments have been far-reaching and some of the fellows continue their work on our staff - for example, Lisa Moore started as a Lokey Fellow and now works as a Senior Scientist in the Office of the Chief Scientist. By joining EDF as a Lokey Fellow, you too can be part of a vibrant workplace that welcomes diverse perspectives, talents and contributions, where innovation and a focus on results are a way of life. The Lokey Fellowship welcomes intellectually hungry leaders to join us, advance our work, and cultivate the skills and relationships needed for a successful career working for the environment. Lokey Alumni have gone on to important leadership positions, both within and outside of EDF.


EDF+ Business Overview

EDF+Business pioneered the NGO/corporate partnership model, and over the past twenty-five years has worked with leading companies to reduce the environmental impacts of products and services and incorporate environmental considerations into business decisions.  Our projects are designed to achieve significant environmental results, generate business benefits for our corporate partners, and create new industry-wide best practices. For more information on our work and examples of past and current partnerships, visit www.edf.org/approach/partnerships/corporate.


EDF’s Supply Chain team is focused on accelerating the transition to supply chains that protect the environment & deliver safe & healthy food & products for all, through improving the way products are designed, produced, distributed, and consumed. 


Overall Function

The production, distribution and retailing of Consumer Product Goods (CPG) is a major source of GHG emissions. In coordination with EDF scientists and economists (and possibly an academic partner), the Lokey Fellow will play a leading role in the development of the models needed to allocate GHG emissions and potential mitigation opportunities across CPG sectors and supply chains. These models will provide the basis for developing a Road Map for manufacturers and retailers to achieve meaningful GHG emission reductions.  This work will build upon EPA’s recently published USEEIO model which uses the US Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) data to allocate various environmental impacts across the CPG supply chains.  In addition, a novel model to allocate CPG mitigation and costs across the CPG supply chain will be created using the concepts behind the USEEIO model. 


The Fellow will need to become acquainted with the EPA USEEIO model so the model can be updated with current BEA information and GHG emission factors. The recently published USEEIO can be reviewed here. To support the development of the novel CPG GHG mitigation allocation model, the Fellow will expand EDF’s current database on CPG GHG mitigation opportunities and costs.  The models will allow the development of GHG mitigation cost curves across the spectrum of CPG to guide manufacturers and retailers in their efforts to reduce GHG emissions in a cost effective manner.  Once the models are operational, the Fellow will join EDF staff and academic partners in publishing the models and specific CPG supply chain mitigation cost curves.  Furthermore, the Fellow will participate in the interactions with EDF’s CPG partners to develop specific recommendations from the general mitigation cost curves. 


Key Responsibilities

  • Become acquainted with the EPA USEEIO model so it can be updated with current information
  • Expand EDF’s current database on CPG GHG mitigation and cost database
  • Develop GHG mitigation potential allocation model
  • Develop cost curves for application of GHG mitigation to CPG product sectors by source categories
  • Publish overall model and specific CPG supply chain mitigation cost curves
  • Interact with EDF CPG partners to develop specific recommendations from general mitigation cost curves 


The successful Fellow should have:

  • A Stanford graduate degree in economics, statistics, modeling, climate or related fields;
  • A good understanding of macroeconomics and economic modeling; 
  • A good working knowledge of Excel spreadsheets and/or other programming approaches (such as R);  
  • While not mandatory, it would be helpful if the Fellow had a working understanding of US BEA data and input/output modeling;   
  • The Fellow should be detailed oriented with excellent written and oral communication skills and the ablity to work individually and on a team.


1-year term



Full-time (35 hours/week)


Application Materials

Interested applicants should attach their cover letter and resume to the EDF application, together with examples of work with economic modeling.



Environmental Defense Fund is an equal opportunity employer where an applicant's qualifications are considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or any other basis prohibited by law.