Tom Graff Diversity Fellowship Program

The Tom Graff Diversity Fellowship Program at EDF looks for diverse candidates who are seeking a professional experience in environmental advocacy.

The Fellowship is a full-time, one-year position focused on a project that is integral to EDF's work.

The Fellow will have the opportunity to:

  • Work closely with our staff on a significant project,
  • Develop core professional skills,
  • Understand our approach to environmental issues, and
  • Develop an understanding of environmental advocacy as a career path.

The 2018/2019 cycle of Tom Graff Diversity Fellowship opportunities will be shared in early 2018.

2017/2018 Tom Graff Diversity Fellowship Projects

Tom Graff Diversity Fellow-Climate and Energy-Redefining Energy Efficiency Initiative

The Tom Graff Fellow will have an exciting opportunity to drive education, project design and strategy implementation across local communities, industry coalitions and market mechanisms that will shape and guide energy efficiency and sustainability in Illinois.

This position will allow EDF to provide focused outreach to partners and community organizers across Chicago in order to gain an understanding of the current efforts underway in specific areas and how the opportunities available through the implementation of the recent IL Future Jobs Bill and the BIT Building Program can complement and advance those efforts.

The Fellow will drive the development of strategic partnerships that help advance clean energy and climate mitigation in the built environment while delivering health benefits to populations that have not yet been reached by the green building movement and renewable energy advocacy efforts.

Tom Graff Diversity Fellow-International Carbon Markets

The Tom Graff Fellow will work as Tom Graff himself did, and continuing his spirit - engaging diverse people and perspectives in the countries he visited to ascertain how EDF could best help them, and how they could best connect with EDF. 

The Fellow's primary goal will be to assist our team and partners in leveraging strategic outreach to developing country governments, civil society, industry, and other diverse stakeholders, and in building capacity among developing country experts, to broaden participation in the formulation and implementation of the important year-2018 carbon markets guidelines.

A second goal of the Fellow will be to assist our "carbon clubs" initiative in establishing this capacity-building program on a broad basis, covering not only the 2018 guidelines, but also national and subnational implementation of carbon markets.