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People's climate march

At EDF, we’re working to help people and nature thrive, but we can’t do it alone. We count on your support in many ways.

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You can make changes in your own life, but what drives the biggest change is a groundswell of support to influence policy and industry leaders. Sign up to get news and urgent alerts to add your voice. We won’t share your address. (Read our privacy policy.)

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The more people who support us, particularly with monthly donations, the more confidently we can take on ambitious work.

With your support, we find ways for both people and nature to thrive.

EDF was my first ever donation to a non-profit environmental group about 20 years ago.

The work you do inspires me to contribute and be a part of your efforts.

Charles EDF member


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Nearly 9 out of 10 congressional staffers say a personal email from a constituent can influence how undecided representatives vote. Contact your representatives!

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Our more than 1.5 million members are the reason we can make a difference.

Thank you for all that you do for EDF and the planet.

We come together to solve problems way too big for any of us to solve alone.

We come together because that’s how movements change the world – and why your contribution matters.

Diane Regas Executive Director