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President Trump vowed to ‘protect and defend,’ but he’s failing our environment


Americans don’t want dirty air, tainted water and a chaotic climate.

We will fight the Trump Administration’s attacks on clean air and clean water in Congress, the courts, in boardrooms and alongside Americans from both parties who care about a better future.

We will continue to stand for the integrity and transparency of science-based policy making. Stay tuned here for our most urgent priorities, analysis and more.

Recent developments

The future of EPA

Federal methane rules at risk

Congress is trying to roll back Bureau of Land Management rules to reduce natural gas waste on federal and tribal lands. The main component of natural gas is methane, a potent greenhouse gas.

These oil and gas pollution standards save taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars and protect public health.

By attacking these measures with reckless policy tools, they could be putting Americans at risk for years.

The role of science and data

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Our experts offer deep, clear analysis of how the Trump Administration’s policies will affect environmental protections. See how they break down the issues.

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The Trump Administration is eroding a 50-year bipartisan legacy of American health and environmental protection.

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