Shaping implementation of our new chemical law

An engagement guide for stakeholders

When President Obama signed the Lautenberg Act into law in June 2016, it marked the beginning of a new phase in the long battle to improve chemical safety. Much of the success or failure of the new law now hinges on how well it is implemented. There are both a critical need and numerous opportunities for those who have a stake in improving our chemical safety system to engage in shaping how the law will be implemented.

EDF has developed an Engagement Guide that provides an overview of some of the key provisions in the Lautenberg Act and associated opportunities for stakeholder engagement, including:

  • Safety Standard and Vulnerable Subpopulations
  • Science Advisory Committee on Chemicals
  • Prioritizing Chemicals in Use
  • Risk Evaluations of Existing Chemicals Deemed High-Priority
  • First Chemicals to be Reviewed
  • Restrictions on Chemicals that Present an Unreasonable Risk
  • New Chemicals Entering the Market
  • Transparency and Information Access
  • Legal Recourses
  • Preemption of State Authority

What else can I do?

There’s lots of work to be done to ensure that the Lautenberg Act is carried out effectively. Besides engaging directly with EPA, we need to make sure that the EPA is fully funded to carry out this work — and you can help.

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Engagement opportunities

Submit comments on EPA’s proposed restrictions on 3 toxic chemicals: