Health effects of chemicals

Know the facts about chemicals and your health

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America’s chemical safety law is badly broken. Hundreds of toxic chemicals – found in everything from our sofas and carpets to laundry detergents and other household products – have been linked to serious diseases such as cancer, infertility, autism, asthma.

This outdated federal law – never updated since it was first adopted in 1976 – fails to protect Americans from these chemicals, as well as tens of thousands of other chemicals in use today that have never been tested for safety. You can learn more here.

Unsafe chemicals in your home

Your home contains materials and products made with chemicals that have never been required to be shown to be safe, some of which could harm your health. But chances are you couldn’t identify them. Find out more »

Can chemicals lead to infertility?

Emerging research suggests that chemicals found in products we use every day may be contributing to difficulties conceiving. Find out more »

Do everyday chemicals lower sperm counts?

Scientists are discovering that chemicals used in everyday products may contribute to reduced male fertility. Find out more »

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Time for change

Americans are exposed to an untold a number of chemicals every day, and almost none of them have ever been adequately tested for safety. Our primary chemical safety law, the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), is badly broken and hasn’t been updated since 1976—almost 40 years. EDF is working with key policymakers and stakeholders to make a smarter, stronger law that better protects you and your family.

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