A sea turtle chasing a fish to bully him in the Great Barrier Reef

Coral gardening helps restore Great Barrier Reef

Tourism companies and marine biologists are leaning into coral gardening to save the Great Barrier Reef. This collaborative process involves collecting coral fragments from the ocean floor and attaching them to underwater structures where the recovered pieces can be monitored and regrown.

The restored fragments can then be introduced to damaged areas of the reef to boost recovery.

Someone holding, honestly, too many pizza boxes

Domino’s to introduce electric delivery fleet

The world’s largest pizza company will soon have the largest pizza electric vehicle delivery fleet in the U.S.! After a successful test in 2019 of electric bikes revealed electric delivery’s benefits, Domino’s plans to add 800 Chevy Bolt EVs to its fleet by 2023.

Besides the environmental benefits, not relying on gas means cheaper delivery, and, hopefully, cheaper pizza.

Transmission towers with lots of power lines running to them at dusk

$13 billion in boosts to U.S. grid

The bipartisan infrastructure law will invest $13 billion to modernize U.S. power grids and expand their capacity. To support the growing appetite for clean energy, our grid must be able to meet demand.

This modernization will help the grid withstand extreme weather and natural disasters. The expanded capacity will also help meet the growing demand for electric vehicles.

Close up of dry and broken ground with little green plants sprouting out

More good news out of COP27

The creation of a loss and damage fund was huge news from COP27. TThe nations that have produced the least climate pollution — but are hit hardest by climate impacts — will receive funding for damages from which they can’t recover. While this won’t happen overnight, the unprecedented move reflects crucial progress.

For a larger breakdown of many of the good stories from COP27, see last week's Good Climate News.

Two beach chairs on a sandy beach looking out over a blue ocean

Retirement funds better protected from climate risks

U.S. retirement funds just got safer. The Department of Labor finalized standards that will help retirement fund managers better protect people’s retirement savings from all from all categories of financial risk, including those related to climate change.

These standards received widespread support from experts and the public when they were proposed last year.

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