We need stricter rules and strong enforcement

Part of an aggressive plan to reduce risk to public health and the environment

An abundance of U.S. natural gas is boosting our economy. It also has the potential to help transition our nation to a clean energy future. But, only if we get it right.

Getting natural gas right means working to minimize the serious risks associated with its operations in order to maximize its inherent climate potential.

Simply replacing every coal power plant with natural gas will not avert the effects of climate change, nor allay air quality concerns with industrial polluters.

With the right policies in place, we believe natural gas can provide a much needed exit ramp off our carbon highway, reducing emissions and helping to speed us toward increased use of truly clean, renewable sources of electricity. 

But this journey begins with a fight for tough rules and strong enforcement—vital protections needed to safeguard our air, water, land, and public health.

Our oil and gas work is focused on three key areas:

Protecting communities

EDF is leading the effort to reduce local impacts of oil and gas development in key states, like Texas and Colorado, by increasing industry oversight and helping to develop new standards for gas production and delivery.

Tackling methane emissions

Oil and gas methane pollution is a serious threat to the climate and clean air. EDF is fighting for commonsense federal and state policy to curb these emissions, conducting groundbreaking science to better understand elusive methane leaks, and sparking new control technologies that will create jobs, reduce air pollution, and save wasted energy.

Supporting clean energy

For natural gas to be a responsible part of America’s energy mix, it must hasten, not delay us on our path to clean energy. Used strategically, natural gas can play a constructive role. We’re working to take full advantage of these opportunities.

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