We need a smart approach to oil and gas

A path to reducing climate and community risks

Natural gas has a reputation as a lower-carbon alternative to coal. And it does have the potential to play a critical role in our transition to a clean energy economy - but only if we get the rules right.

The fact is, natural gas comes with serious risks. Chemical-laden wastewater from drilling can contaminate water supplies, while methane pollution across the oil and gas supply chain pollute our air and intensify climate change. If we do not address these risks now, we are not only putting the environment at risk but the people living near this development.

To get oil and gas on the right path, EDF is:

Tackling methane emissions

Oil and gas methane pollution is an urgent problem with a clear, low-cost fix. EDF is fighting for sensible policies to curb this pollution where it matters most, conducting groundbreaking scientific research to improve our understanding of the problem and its solutions, and sparking new technologies to cost-effectively address emissions.

Protecting communities

Environmental impacts are felt on a local level. No one should have to sacrifice their quality of life for economic security. That’s why EDF is engaged in key oil and gas states, like Texas and Pennsylvania, fighting for important safeguards that can improve industry practices and require oil and gas companies to operate more responsibly.

Enhancing energy efficiency

For natural gas to be a responsible part of America’s energy mix, it must work with, not against, growing renewable energy resources. Used strategically, natural gas can play a constructive role. We’re working to take full advantage of these opportunities.

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