Energy Innovation Series features

Energy Providers

Renewable Energy

  • CPS workers

    Here comes the sun and freshwater

    WaterFX is harnessing clean energy to provide fresh drinking water virtually anywhere, even in the midst of drought.

  • One-stop solar shop

    Treehouse is proving that energy innovation is sometimes less about technology and policy and more about thinking like customers.

  • Fueling onsite, low-carbon energy

    Bloom Energy’s Bloom Box is made up of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs), which efficiently and electrochemically convert fuel into low-carbon, baseload electricity.

Energy Financing

Big Data

Smart Grid

  • Intelligent energy storage that makes “cents”

    Green Charge Networks saves money, relieves stress on the electric grid, and reduces greenhouse gases.

  • Advancing battery storage for wind and solar

    Xtreme Power’s energy storage and digital power management innovation helps integrate clean energy into the electric grid and improve reliability.

  • Reimagining the energy system

    Pecan Street is leading a team of researchers from The University of Texas, National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Environmental Defense Fund to develop and test an integrated clean energy smart grid of tomorrow in the homes of today.

  • Smart thermostat cuts energy use

    Nest’s Learning Thermostat is a sleek, Wi-Fi-connected, intelligent climate control devise that learns – and mimics – its owner’s heating and cooling preferences.

  • Consert's energy management solution

    Knowledge is power and energy control

    Consert’s Energy Management Solution helps customers save energy and money without any loss of comfort or control, and allows utilities to manage peak demand more efficiently.

  • Swarm theory for efficient energy management

    REGEN Energy’s Swarm Energy Management technology brings the intelligence and efficiency of a working beehive to energy-consuming loads on the electric grid, producing up to 30 percent in energy savings.

Electric Vehicles

Energy Innovation Series

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