Energy efficiency resources

EDF is working to develop regulatory reforms and business models that make efficiency profitable and market-driven.

Overcoming market barriers

EDF’s Investor Confidence Project (ICP) is developing a consensus framework to predict and measure energy savings, enabling the acceleration of energy efficiency investments and the emergence of a robust and thriving commercial building sector.

We are also building a coalition of environmental groups, financial institutions, contractors and project developers to support and/or participate in on-bill repayment (OBR) programs.

Our Behavior and energy savings [PDF] study shows that simply giving consumers better information reduces energy use.

Show Me the Money: Energy Efficiency Financing Opportunities and Barriers [PDF] explores how organizations can overcome the challenges to energy efficiency financing and maximize the opportunities that are available for business and our planet.

Video: Triple bottom line benefits of clean energy

Our partnerships and collaborations

EDF Climate Corps program

EDF Climate Corps places specially-trained MBA and MPA students in companies, cities and universities to build the business case for energy efficiency.

In 2011 the EDF Climate Corps fellows found enough energy reductions to power 88,000 homes.

    Clean Heat NYC

    We led the effort to phase out dirty heating fuels. Now, we’re part of a joint effort by government, utilities and the private sector to encourage faster upgrades.

    Building managers can start now with these how-to resources for upgrading to cleaner fuel »

    New community voices behind clean energy

    EDF partners with underrepresented communities to promote sustainability and craft innovative energy efficiency policies.

    • See Michael Regan explain our work in this video highlighting our results and partnerships in North Carolina.
    • Alpha Goes Green is our project with Alpha Phi Alpha, the nation’s oldest black fraternity, to nurture environmental leaders and improve energy efficiency.

    EDF + Business

    The seven-step energy efficiency guide from EDF+Business, our site of sustainability best practices and tools for corporations, has easy and cost-effective tactics for companies to increase energy efficiency.