Ecosystems policy and resources

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By 2050, our planet will need to support roughly nine billion people. How can we meet human demands for food, water and infrastructure in ways that improve ecosystems?

EDF experts are working on solutions that contribute to ecosystem resilience and provide the first line of defense against the impacts of climate change. Our strategies:

  • Eliminate fertilizer pollution
  • Reverse habitat loss on working lands
  • Revitalize working rivers
  • Restore coastal habitat

Our ecosystems experts

David H. Festa David H. Festa Senior Vice President, Ecosystems
Areas of expertise: Ecosystem resilience, environmental markets, sustainable agriculture, food security, habitat exchanges, natural resources management and policy

Steve Cochran Steve Cochran Associate Vice President, Coastal Protection
Areas of expertise: Ecosystems, natural infrastructure, rivers and deltas

Eric Holst Eric Holst Associate Vice President, Working Lands
Areas of expertise: Conservation solutions on working lands, endangered species, forest communities, Safe Harbor

Maurice Hall Maurice Hall Associate Vice President, Water
Areas of expertise: Water management and policy, hydrology, civil engineering, sustainable agriculture, water quality

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Media contacts

  • Sustainable agriculture and supply chain
    Cristina Mestre212-616-1268 (office)envelope Contact
  • Habitat and agricultural markets
    Chandler Clay202-572-3312 (office)
    302-598-7559 (cell)
    envelope Contact
  • Mississippi River Delta and coastal restoration
    Elizabeth Van Cleve202-572-3382 (office)
    202-553-2543 (cell)
    envelope Contact
  • Rivers and sustainable water supply
    Brian Strachan415-293-6139 (office)
    925-705-6593 (cell)
    envelope Contact