Climate and energy policy and resources

Key policy initiatives

Our climate and energy experts

Dan Dudek Daniel J. Dudek Executive Director, China
Areas of expertise: Climate change, global warming, air quality, pollution prevention, environmental markets

Vickie Patton Vickie Patton General Counsel
Areas of expertise: Climate change, global warming, air quality

James Marston James Marston Vice President, Energy program; Director, Texas regional office
Areas of expertise: Climate change, air quality, energy efficiency, large-scale power, smart grid

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Media contacts

  • U.S. climate work
    Sharyn Stein202-572-3396 (office)
    202-905-5718 (cell)
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  • International climate work
    Jennifer Andreassen202-572-3387 (office)
    202-288-4867 (cell)
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  • Energy work
    Mica Odom512-691-3451 (office)
    512-619-8453 (cell)
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Latest publications and documents

  • Report: Indonesia zero deforestation zones
    December 23, 2015
    How provinces in Indonesia could become zero deforestation zones, which companies could source commodities from to eliminate deforestation from their supply chains.


  • Tropical Forest Carbon in Indigenous Territories
    November 30, 2015
    A global analysis of tropical forest carbon in indigenous territories conducted by organizations of indigenous peoples and local communities, EDF and Woods Hole Research Center.


  • Mexican Cost Curve Report
    November 12, 2015
    Many low-cost fixes available for Mexico to significantly cut greenhouse gas methane


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