Latinos, clean air, and a safe climate

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Latinos make up an important part of the American population, but too often this community is disproportionately impacted by environmental harms. To ensure Hispanic communities are a part of creating the solutions we need to protect our health and our environment, EDF is partnering with several of the nation’s leading Latino advocacy organizations.

These organizations and their members have a large role to play in reducing air and climate pollution, building stronger communities, and increasing access to financial savings available through clean energy, like wind and solar. It’s not just important for us; it’s also critical for our families and for future generations.

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National partners

EDF is working to support the nation’s leading Latino organizations as they increasingly focus on the impact of air pollution and climate change on Hispanic communities.


EDF helps to arm Latino partners and communities with materials that can add power to their advocacy and amplify their stories.

Clean energy

Clean energy has the potential to provide good paying sustainable jobs and lower electricity bills for all Americans.

Oil and gas pollution

Latinos are among the most at risk from oil and gas pollution, but also stand to benefit from state and federal standards.