California’s thriving clean energy economy

California has made substantial progress in its clean energy, energy efficiency, and clean vehicle policies, in part motivated by a high renewable energy portfolio standard, customers wanting to power their homes and businesses with clean, distributed energy resources, and a greenhouse-gas (GHG) reduction target.

The economy is proving we are on the right path. Including direct, indirect, and induced jobs solar alone employs nearly 250,000 Californians. Driven by our success, work still needs to be done to ensure the system is ready to utilize high levels of renewable power, both large and small scale, and maximize the use of clean energy tools like electric vehicles, energy storage, and consumer engagement programs.

With the fast pace of new and existing technologies, California has a golden opportunity to transition to an electricity sector that is clean, reliable, and affordable, while boosting its economy.

Progress across the electricity sector

EDF's California team of experts is working with regulatory agencies, state and local government, industry, and other non-governmental organizations to increase the use of clean energy solutions to power California's electricity as rapidly, effectively, and at as low of a cost as possible.

EDF's California Clean Energy team is building on past success and championing policies to:

  • Advance the use of more, clean renewable energy resources by properly valuing them in the marketplace
  • Modernize our electric grid so it is efficient and resilient; and
  • Implement innovative solutions that match energy demand with when electricity is powered by clean resources like wind and solar

EDF is partnering with a broad coalition of organizations, businesses, and communities to build on California's leading clean energy policies in a way that makes sense for the state’s customers, workers, and businesses now and in the future. We are helping to build a clean electricity system that sparks the world’s imagination and provides the clean, reliable service all people deserve while reducing harmful pollution that causes climate change.

Find more information about the specific policies EDF has worked to develop and promote by viewing the reports and materials on this page or by reading our blog.

Reports and resources

EDF regularly issues updates on California's clean energy policies while conducting research and analysis that supports and influences our work on energy policy across the country. For more information on our activities in other states, see our clean energy economy pages.

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