Climate Teams

A New Model for Climate Cooperation


A Climate Team is a new cooperative mechanism composed of a small group of countries:

  1. A host country, characterized by having significant opportunities to reduce net emissions in the short term, but insufficient resources to accelerate low emissions transformation, and;
  2. Partner countries with resources but limited short-term opportunities to meet their mitigation commitments. A Climate Team assists and rewards the host country as it effectively implements climate policies.

During this session we will discuss the possibilities, challenges and risks of developing this initiative.


  • Chandra ShekharModerator, Adviser: Climate Change Group, World Bank
  • Kelley KizzierHost, Associate Vice President, International Climate, EDF
  • Francisco Pinto - Host, Technical Advisory, Climate Teams


  • Axel Michaelowa, Managing Director, Perspectives Climate Group
  • Diana Movius, Director of Global Forest Policy, Climate Advisers
  • Rodrigo Pizarro, Independent Consultant
  • Claudio Seebach, Executive Chairman, Chilean Association of Power Generators
  • Suzi Kerr, Chief Economist, EDF

Media contact

Sommer Yesenofski (949) 257-8768 (office)
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