Catalyst Circle

Our major giving program

The Catalyst Circle seeks to form collaborative partnerships with our most committed supporters.

Your gift of $5,000 or more each year will have a lasting impact on the environment and grant you access to our staff and events around the country. Here are a few current needs that could be funded by unrestricted gifts of $5,000:

  • $5,000 could enable us to convene key stakeholders on a pressing issue, including our annual conference on Texas water; meetings with a company about reducing greenhouse gas emissions; or a Fishermen Summit to explore the benefits of catch share programs in fisheries around the nation.

  • $5,000 could fund a graduate intern to research the next environmentally friendly corporate innovation; or new opportunities to regulate greenhouse gas emissions through the Clean Air Act.

  • $5,000 could fund ecological restoration of 10 acres of degraded cropland into habitat for the endangered ocelot; or proscribed burning to restore 200 acres of black-capped vireo habitat.

  • $5,000 could support our outreach efforts by funding the publication of corporate best practices on sustainable seafood; or the development of a website for the new Colorado Climate Action Network.


Access to Environmental Defense Fund staff:

  • Offers of in-person and phone briefings

  • Personalized updates on the issues that interest you

  • Philanthropic advice from our expert philanthropic advisors

Events around the country:

  • Insider calls with senior staff and outside experts

  • Catalyst Circle Forum, annual half-day conferences in New York and California

  • Regional program briefings over breakfast and lunch

  • Field trips to see the results of your contributions

  • Gala events and cocktail parties


For more information

Cynthia Hampton
(800) 505-0703 ext. 3233