The polluters running EPA

EPA is increasingly dominated by people who have spent decades fighting to block environmental safeguards, undermining science, and lobbying for polluters.

Undermining chemical safety

Nancy Beck

Nancy Beck

Current role: Deputy Assistant Administrator Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention

Former job: 5 years at the main chemical industry lobbying group

Beck has many conflicts of interests.

Unqualified to clean up toxic sites

Albert “Kell” Kelly

Kell Kelly

Current role: Leading task force to streamline the Superfund program

Former job: Former banker and Pruitt business partner. Sanctioned and prohibited from any future banking activities by federal authorities. No environmental experience.1

Tearing down clear air protections

Bill Wehrum

Bill Wehrum

Current role: Head of EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation and responsible for implementing our clean air laws

Former job: Long career representing some of the biggest air polluters including the American Petroleum Institute, American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers, and Utility Air Regulatory Group. He has sued EPA 31 times to tear down clear air protections.2

Letting polluters off the hook

Susan Bodine

Susan Bodine

Current role: Head of EPA’s Office of Enforcement and Compliance

Former job: Lobbyist representing clients who helped to contaminate drinking water in Hoosick Falls, NY and other toxic sites, including those with hundreds of Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act violations.3

Patrick Traylor

Patrick Traylor

Current role: Deputy Director of EPA’s Office of Enforcement and Compliance

Former job: Attorney for clients facing Clean Air Act violations including chemical manufacturers and coal-fired power plant owners and operators4

Attacks go beyond staffing

Scott Pruitt

Aside from hiring decisions, Administrator Scott Pruitt’s policies are threating our children by slashing the EPA’s budget, rolling back environmental safeguards, and putting politics over science.