The cost of weakening clean air and climate protections

The Trump Administration’s assault on our health safeguards comes with serious consequences. Here is a list of some critical protections under threat and the benefits that are at risk.

An agenda that puts health at risk

Since day one, President Trump has prioritized polluters over the health of the American people.

Trump’s agenda would put these benefits at risk:

  • 450,000Asthma attacks avoided1
  • 1,000,000Or more lost work and school days avoided1

The American people will bear the cost if these attacks on public health are successful.

The landmark Clean Power Plan is under threat

The Clean Power Plan reduces carbon emissions from power plant smokestacks, a major source of these emissions — and by doing so it also creates new opportunities to continue development of the strong, vibrant and prosperous clean energy economy.

Destroying the Clean Power Plan would put these benefits at risk:

  • 3,600Lives saved every year with the Clean Power Plan, if fully implemented3
  • 90,000Childhood asthma attacks avoided3
  • $54 billionIn public health and climate benefits4
  • 870 millionMetric tons of carbon dioxide reduced by 20304

The threat: Trump’s EPA has proposed to gut the Clean Power Plan.

Rollbacks could allow more mercury in our air

EPA’s Mercury and Air Toxics Standards, placed the first-ever national limits on some of the most hazardous air pollutants emitted by power plants.

Undermining the Mercury Standards would put these benefits at risk:

  • 11,000Deaths avoided annually5
  • 130,000Asthma attacks avoided annually5
  • 540,000Less work days missed5
  • 40,000Pounds of mercury reduced5

The threat: Even though virtually every power plant in America is already in compliance with standards, the Trump administration is rolling back regulations underpinning these rules.

Car makers could slow down pace of innovation

EPA’s Clean Cars standards cut harmful climate pollution and makes our cars and small trucks much more efficient, while saving consumers money and protecting national security by reducing our dependence on foreign oil.

Gutting Clear Car standards would put these benefits at risk:

  • $8,200Saved by each individual family over the lifetime of vehicles starting in model year 20256
  • 6 billionTons of CO2 reduced over the life of the clean cars program6
  • 12 billionBarrels of oil saved over lifetime of 2012-2025 model year vehicles6

The threat: Trump has proposed to rollback greenhouse gas and fuel efficiency standards for new models hitting the market between 2022 and 2025.

Trump downplays climate change's impacts

Climate change causes devastating impacts including - extreme weather, sea level rise, and increased spread of disease. The social cost of carbon is a way to quantify the economic value of these impacts on businesses, families, governments, and taxpayers.

Abandoning the Social Cost of Carbon would put these benefits at risk:

  • $44 trillionCost of not acting on climate change.9
  • $1 trillionEconomic benefits from recent transportation sector rulemakings.6

The threat: The Trump Administration announced plans to stop using the social cost of carbon when evaluating the cost and benefits of regulations, a step which would tip the scales against climate and health protections.

EPA attacks cost-effective methane standards

New and updated oil and gas operations must now deploy commonsense technologies and practices to limit waste and cut pollution. These standards will protect communities from smog-forming and toxic pollution also released from these operations.

Gutting common sense methane standards would put these benefits at risk:

  • 40 million Metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent pollution removed10
  • $690 million In climate benefits11
  • 210,000 Tons of smog forming pollution avoided11

The threat: Even those these rules have been in effect for a year, Trump’s EPA has proposed to gut key health and waste reducing provisions of these protections.

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