New initiative puts American values ahead of politics to boost clean energy

Jeremy Symons

It’s a well-known fact that partisanship and politics often get in the way of accomplishing things most Americans want.

That’s why organizations from across the political spectrum – representing millions of parents, young Americans, environmentalists, national security experts, and hunters and fishermen – are mobilizing behind a call for a Clean Energy Commitment.

Its goal: Rallying citizens to tell their elected representatives to set aside political differences in order to remove barriers to clean energy and ensure that companies that pollute are responsible for the impacts.

With support from 80% of Americans

By bringing together organizations that represent different points of view on many issues, we may appear to be an unlikely partnership in an era of intense partisanship. But outside the Beltway, a conversation is gaining momentum about how to set a new direction for America’s energy future.

According to a recent YouGov poll, 80 percent of Americans – including 67 percent of Republicans, 95 percent of Democrats, and 75 percent of Independents – support the goals spelled out by the Clean Energy Commitment.

3 central energy goals 

So Environmental Defense Fund is kicking off the Clean Energy Commitment together with the American Security Project, Christian Coalition, National Wildlife Federation, Young Conservatives for Energy Reform, Mom’s Clean Air Force and Defend Our Future. 

And we’re calling for energy policy reform toward three central goals:

1. Companies that contribute to carbon pollution should be responsible for its impacts.

When companies are responsible for their pollution, it creates incentives for innovation and more clean energy jobs while protecting our kids and wildlife from climate change

2.Taxpayers should not be subsidizing the energy sources of the past.

Rather than using taxpayer money to subsidize the energy sources of the past, we need sensible incentives for the clean, innovative, and job-creating energy sources of the future.

3. Everyone should have the freedom to choose clean, affordable energy.

Outdated rules are still limiting who has access to clean energy. Government rules shouldn’t stand in the way of our freedom to choose – especially as the cost of renewables plummet and clean energy jobs multiply.

We have already seen how clean, renewable alternatives can grow a prosperous clean energy economy and dramatically reduce harmful pollution. That is good for the health of our families, especially children and seniors. It will be also a big step towards reducing the damaging impacts of climate change.

We can’t afford to let the politics of energy remain stuck in unproductive standoffs. Instead, we think we can bring America together to make progress and build a better future.

That’s what the Clean Energy Commitment is all about.

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