Good news: A bipartisan breakthrough on chemical policy reform



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EDF scientist Richard Denison and his colleagues have been working for nearly two decades to fix the serious flaws in the Toxic Substances Control Act, the nation’s major law on the safety of chemicals in the products we buy.

Just yesterday, there was a major bipartisan breakthrough when Senators Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) and David Vitter (R-LA) introduced new legislation to reform the Act. Lautenberg and Vitter were joined by 7 other Democrats and 7 other Republicans as cosponsors.

In this Chicago Tribune story, Richard says, "While this bill isn't perfect, it's a policy and political breakthrough and opens a bipartisan path forward to fix a law that needs a major overhaul."

Last year we featured Richard in a 2-minute video explaining why this reform is so crucial; view it here. It’s encouraging to know we now have a real window of opportunity to strengthen a major environmental health statute. 

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Dan Upham

Dan Upham

Dan is a writer and editor at EDF.

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well, like our local referendum to protect the river, rights of nature, gmo labeling fights, it all ends up in the courtroom and very costly, with judges already selected for pro-business bias

then you come up against the trade and commerce laws

we are all trying so hard to put humpty dumpty back together

whoever cuts the last tree is probably hoping to sell it

plant potatoes

yup. just make sure they are non-Gmo potatoes :-)

Isn't it strange how it's usually only those of us living in the rich, well-fed industrial nations who are against GMO crops instead of people living in countries whose populations face famine on a daily basis?

I wonder if there's a connection…

yes there is a connection the connection is that the people in those starving countries where there is famine don't have the educational resources to understand scientific publications such as: " Glyphosate suppression of cytochrome p450 enzymes and amino acid biosynthesis by the get microbiome: pathways to modern disease" by Anthony Samsel and Stephanie Senef
I don't want to offend anyone but it took me a lifetime of studying science to understand all this stuff.

by the way, "Glyphosate" is "roundup".

I would encourage anyone to read up on this