In the news: Republicans' struggle with climate change

Keith Gaby


While the headline may be overstated, The Coming GOP Civil War Over Climate Change, the National Journal’s new article on Republicans and climate change, is worth reading for anyone interested in finding the political solutions that will lead us to scientific solutions for climate change. 

The piece, written by Coral Davenport, profiles conservatives like economist Gregory Mankiw, an advisor to both President George W. Bush and GOP nominee Mitt Romney, who are concerned about climate-related threats to our economic and fiscal stability.  It also highlights a growing moral concern among some conservatives – including the Christian Coalition of America — over the effects stronger storms and dangerous floods may have on the world’s poor.

While most GOP elected official are still cautious about embracing mainstream climate science for fear of attacks from the most conservative wing of the party, a majority of Republican voters accept that our climate is changing. It’s unclear what it will take for the party to reach a political tipping point, but with increased activism by movement conservatives and acceptance by rank and file voters, a shift may be possible.

As Samuel Thernstrom, a former Bush advisor and current American Enterprise Institute scholar, says in the article, “The position that climate change is a hoax is untenable.”


Climate change is resulting from the continued application of
the most wasteful and destructive economic model that humanity
could have devised. That model depends upon the continuous
expansion of consumerism resulting from the unchecked control
of populations throughout the world. The present economic
model chooses to promote population expansion, and the endless
draw-down of the world's environmental resources to the point
that we now are creating worldwide destruction of the biodiversity on this planet. Humanity was able to evolve from
this biodiversity resulting from the demands that it produced thereby creating a survival of the fittest environment, and of course the present day capabilities of our human species. Without biodiversity, and the protection of pristine environmental areas for the continued evolution of our biosphere our species can, and probably will experience a reduction in its own future successes on this biological spaceship planet, Earth.

Dennis Balgemann
May 15, 2013 at 6:38 pm

This isn't about what party you are affiliated with! This is a serious matter that concerns us now, and most importantly, future generations! EVERYONE should be out there educating the ignorant people who destroy our planet with their uncaring ways and greed for the almighty dollar. Money can't buy clean air and protect our mountain streams where the water originates!! Politicians who accept "gifts" from large corporations to further their own wealth should be deeply ashamed of what they are doing to the people who voted them into office!! And, they should be even more ashamed of what they are doing to our planet - damage that can never be undone!! Cutting off mountaintops that are the SOURCE of our water supply is WRONG....and you know that!! But the almighty dollar is getting in the way of your moral judgement!! That goes for fracking, as well....not to mention protecting Monsanto while they poison our food supply, and promoting chemicals that are killing us! What is wrong with these people?? Do they want their grandchildren and future generations dealing with problems that have gotten out of hand due to the greed and immorality of their ruling predecessors!! A stitch in time saves nine!

Nancy Gillespie
May 15, 2013 at 11:40 pm

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