EDF Climate Corps: The sharpest edge in business

These unique grad students have already found over $1.5 billion in energy savings

EDF Climate Corps fellow Ashwin Shankar

EDF Climate Corps fellow Ashwin Shankar analyzes peak energy pricing for one of our 400 partner organizations.

Thriving business, thriving environment.

Gaining profits at the expense of our planet is an M.O. no longer accepted by most consumers, investors or business leaders. Yet the practical question remains: How can business growth and financial viability actually go hand in hand with environmental benefits?

We created the EDF Climate Corps program to help organizations uncover concrete answers to that question – but an EDF Climate Corps energy management fellow does much more.

Program fellows cut energy costs

We embed highly trained, handpicked EDF Climate Corps fellows – grad students in business and engineering from top universities – into leading companies and large municipal organizations to find the intersections between their financial benefit and environmental impact. Fellows leverage advanced technology, financially viable renewable energy and cutting-edge ideas to streamline operations and cut costs.

An EDF Climate Corps fellow looks at efficiency and sustainability not as a “nice to have” but as an integral part of your organization’s business strategy. With a fellow’s technical expertise and innovative problem-solving skills, your organization can accelerate its energy efficiency, clean energy and emission reduction projects and simultaneously accomplish its sustainability and business goals.

Businesses get focused and thrive

The results? A stronger, leaner, more resilient company that profits over the long haul. Increased ability to set and hit meaningful energy goals. The chance to test-drive top talent before your competition does.

Most importantly, every bit of greenhouse gas your company avoids means a healthier world for everyone.

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Hone your edge

Bring an EDF Climate Corps fellow into your organization. Our program has a proven track record of success.