Podcast: Hurricane Harvey’s Toxic Aftermath

6 years 4 months ago
In late August 2017, Hurricane Harvey’s torrential rains brought unprecedented flooding to Houston and large portions of the southeast coast of Texas. The storm destroyed homes and businesses, prompted numerous rescues, and left Texans to piece their lives back together. Harvey also led to substantial releases of toxic chemicals into communities. The Houston area is […]
Ryan O'Connell

Podcast: What a changing climate means for human health

6 years 6 months ago
Climate change poses clear threats to the environment and global ecosystems, but it also presents risks to human health. Evidence suggests that droughts, heat waves, and extreme weather events will become more severe as our planet continues to warm. These effects of climate change can directly harm people by exacerbating medical conditions such as respiratory […]
Ryan O'Connell

Podcast: How an ongoing collaboration can inform us about the quality of the air we breathe

6 years 7 months ago
Unraveling the relationship between air quality and human health has been a critically important task for protecting public health. Traditional stationary air monitors have played a central role in tracking toxic air pollutants and ensuring levels remain below legal standards, but the data they generate cannot be used to create fine-scale maps of air quality […]
Ryan O'Connell

Podcast: You Make Me Sick! Black lung disease

6 years 8 months ago
Black lung disease has burdened coal miners and mining communities for generations. By the late 1960s, improvements in medicine, mining conditions, and federal regulation had led to greater coal worker protection and a subsequent decline in cases of black lung disease. However, in the last two decades, doctors have noticed an alarming trend: black lung […]
Ryan O'Connell

Podcast: You Make Me Sick! The mysteries of the epigenome

6 years 9 months ago
Each type of cell in our body expresses our genes differently based on many things including what they are (skin or kidney cells) and how old we are (newborn or 65 years old). These differences are controlled by our epigenome – the set of molecular marks along our DNA that dictate which and when genes […]
Jonathan Choi

Podcast: You Make Me Sick! Diversity in the environmental movement

6 years 10 months ago
This month on our podcast, we talked with Whitney Tome, Executive Director of Green 2.0, to talk about the importance of diversity in the environmental movement. In talking about our need to have more chairs at the table, we discussed Green 2.0’s new report, Beyond Diversity, which looked at how hiring practices might be reshaped […]
Jonathan Choi

Podcast: You Make Me Sick! Cocaine in the Puget Sound!?!

7 years 1 month ago
After our episodes on the impact of lead on the developing brain and how microbes teeming inside us shape our health in unbelievable ways, EDF Health is proud to present the latest episode of our podcast, You Make Me Sick. On this episode, we interviewed Dr. James Meador of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency […]
Jonathan Choi

Introducing our new podcast: You Make Me Sick!

7 years 3 months ago
[Edited on 17 February 2017. Click here to subscribe via iTunes or Google Play] Today we are launching the second episode of our podcast, You Make Me Sick! On this episode, we talked with Dr. Brett Finlay, author of “Let Them Eat Dirt”, about the fascinating world of microbes. Dr. Finlay’s research focuses on how bacteria […]
Jonathan Choi
2 years 3 months ago
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