Take action: Current opportunities

  • Congress needs to go bold to create jobs, transition to clean energy and transportation and aggressively address environmental injustice. 

    By supporting investments that move us to clean transportation and clean power, we can tackle the largest sources of climate and air pollution in our country.

    Now is the time to rebuild a healthier, stronger, thriving America. Urge your members of Congress to support investments that go bold on jobs, bold on clean air, and bold on solving climate change!
  • It’s time to meet the moment on climate change.
    Countries around the world are stepping up, announcing stronger standards for motor vehicles that will help build a future free from the harms of tailpipe pollution. 

    It’s time for the U.S. to meet the moment on climate change, match ambitious commitments from other nations and global automakers so the U.S. can slash our transportation pollution and win the race to a zero-emission future.

    Tell the Environmental Protection Agency to announce a bold plan to eliminate pollution by 2035 and to ensure that over half of new vehicles sold by 2030 are zero-emitting!
  • It’s time to clean up our trucks and buses
    America’s heavy-duty trucks and buses are responsible for more than 420 million tons of climate pollution each year. While these vehicles only account for 4% of traffic on our roads, they are the largest contributor to air pollution of all highway vehicles.

    People who live closest to our nation’s roads, highways, ports, freight depots and distribution centers face the greatest health risks from that pollution. But we can stop it!

    Send a powerful message to EPA: We need stronger standards to reduce and eliminate emissions from our nation’s trucks and buses!
  • Infrastructure is more than roads and bridges!
    From good paying clean energy jobs to cleaner air and waters, the Biden Administration’s infrastructure plan is a bold and necessary first step in combating the climate crisis.

    Investments in our nation’s infrastructure must go beyond roads and bridges to include EV charging infrastructure, zero-emitting trucks and busses, and lead-free pipes.

    Urge Congress to support strong policies that protect our communities’ air, water and climate so we can build a safe, prosperous, zero-emissions future.
  • Protect Families from Dangerous Chemicals
    Chemicals used in everyday products have been linked to brain tumors, leukemia, infertility, Parkinson’s disease, and more. Pollutants in our air and water harm our health, too.

    A landmark victory in June 2016 opened a path to help change all that: Congress passed a groundbreaking bipartisan bill reforming our chemical safety law. Unfortunately, for four years, the Trump Administration tirelessly worked to undermine this legislation, putting us all at greater risk. 

    Now, on the fifth anniversary of the law, we need to seize the opportunity to get the chemical safety system back on track and ensure it protects us all, particularly those most impacted, by dangerous chemicals.

    Tell EPA Administrator Regan: Fully implement the chemical safety law to protect communities across the country from toxic chemicals in our air, water, and products.
  • Climate solutions on the farm
    Climate change poses growing threats to America’s farmers and ranchers — from extreme heat and drought to larger, more frequent and damaging floods.

    At the same time, farmers and ranchers can be major players when it comes to advancing climate solutions. Practices like planting cover crops, reducing tillage and improving livestock management can help to boost soil health and reduce harmful pollutants like methane.

    Although agriculture contributes up to 10% of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, engaging with farmers, ranchers and policymakers to advance these climate-friendly practices can slash emissions and build resilience.

    Please take action today to ask your members of Congress to prioritize on-farm climate solutions for America’s farmers and ranchers.
  • It’s Time To Go Bold, America!
    The actions we take right now will set the course for our climate future. By seizing this moment, we can unleash transformational change to combat the climate crisis, rehabilitate our economy and build more resilient and more equitable communities.

    This is our moment to “Go Bold!” and set a path toward a cleaner, safer, healthier world that will protect our families and future generations from the most severe consequences of climate change.

    But we need your support. Sign the Go Bold, America! Climate Action Petition and help us deliver a powerful message to your leaders encouraging them to support big, bold investments to revitalize America’s aging infrastructure, lessen economic and environmental inequalities and jumpstart our transition to clean energy and electric vehicles!


    Go Bold, America! 

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  • Take Action: Support our cleaner transportation future
    Transportation is the largest source of climate pollution in the U.S. It’s a big challenge, but also a big opportunity. Momentum is increasing for zero-emissions vehicles and our clean energy infrastructure, and we must seize new opportunities to slash pollution, create jobs and move toward a zero-net-emission future.

    Climate progress requires action and bold investment to spur innovation and accelerate our transition to cleaner transportation technologies at the rate science requires.

    Please take action to urge our members of Congress to support strong policies that will drive us forward toward our ambitious goals of ensuring all new passenger vehicles are zero emission by 2035 and all new trucks and buses are zero-emission by 2040.
  • Demand the FDA Strengthen its Standards for Lead
    We know that lead exposure harms children and adults. In children, lead impairs brain development, resulting in learning and behavioral problems. In adults, it causes heart disease.

    Unfortunately, the Food and Drug Administration has not banned lead from being added to many materials that contact our food – from tea and coffee equipment to food cans.

    And the lead doesn’t stay in those materials – it can get into our food. EDF analyzed FDA data and found lead detected in 97% of certain canned fruit samples, compared to only 3% of fresh or frozen varieties. And there is ample evidence that the lead is added to brass or bronze in equipment to brew tea and coffee.

    Will you join us in demanding that FDA strengthen its standards for lead to better protect our health?
  • Take action: Support climate progress by supporting electric vehicles
    Transportation is the largest source of climate pollution in the U.S. It’s a big challenge, but also a big opportunity. Electric vehicles reduce carbon emissions and other dangerous pollution.

    The technology is ready today — and overseas competitors are already electrifying their transportation systems. We need bold and urgent action to accelerate America’s investment in these technologies, create jobs, promote equity and slash climate pollution.

    Take action today: Tell the Biden-Harris administration you support ambitious federal action to electrify our vehicles and transportation systems, especially America's 13 million heavy-duty trucks and buses, which produce more climate pollution than the entire British economy!