Timothy Fitzgerald


Areas of expertise: Oceans Program, chemical safety, renewing fisheries, sustainable seafood


Tim currently manages EDF’s sustainable seafood program and specializes in the intersection of environmental sustainability and public health. He was a co-creator of the Ecofish Seafood Safe program and is an advisor to SeaWeb’s KidSafe Seafood campaign and the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission Coastal Sharks Board.

Tim is also a senior member of EDF’s National Policy team, advocating for more sustainable federal fisheries management policies.


Earlier in his career, Fitzgerald worked with EDF's Corporate Innovation program and major seafood buyers to develop sustainable sourcing policies for both farmed and wild seafood.

Tim earned an M.Sc. (2002) in Zoology from the University of Hawai’i, and a B.S. (1998) in Biology from Duke University. His graduate research focused on the behavioral ecology and sensory physiology of tropical sharks, making appearances on Discovery Channel's Shark Week and National Geographic Explorer.

He is a frequent speaker on conservation and human health issues concerning the U.S. seafood market, and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and NPR’s Fresh Air, in addition to invited testimony in front of the President’s Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill.

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