Thomas Sterner

Senior Contributing Economist

Areas of expertise: Selection and design of environmental policy instruments; economics in general; climate and energy; natural resource economics


Thomas Sterner leads the economics team in close collaboration with Chief Scientist Steve Hamburg and the science team, participating in various projects related to climate, energy, fishing and ecosystems.


Dr. Sterner is a professor of environmental economics at the university of Gothenburg in Sweden, where he has built up one of the larger research teams in Europe. His team has started an organization called Environment for Development through which they and Resources for the Future in Washington, D.C., collaborate with six research centers in Africa, China and Central America. They do research on pollution and natural resource management and communicate the research to policy makers to try to make a difference.

He is also a past president of the European Association or Environmental and Resource Economists (EAERE) and a Coordinating Lead Author of the IPCC.

  • Phd in Economics
  • Recipient of the Myrdal Prize
  • Associate Editor of Environmental and Resource Economics
  • On the board of MISTRA and various other boards.


Afsah, Shakeb; Allen Blackman; Jorge H. Garcia and Thomas Sterner. (2013) Environmental Regulation and Public Disclosure: The Case of PROPER in Indonesia [PDF] RFF Press.

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