Stacy Small-Lorenz

Senior Scientist

Areas of expertise: conservation science, environmental markets, riparian and wetland systems, climate adaptation and resiliency


Stacy Small-Lorenz is a conservation scientist for EDF's land, water and wildlife programs, currently leading work on wildlife vulnerability to climate change in agricultural landscapesHer nearly twenty years of conservation work has emphasized wildlife population response to habitat restoration efforts, with a particular emphasis on riparian and wetland systems.

Stacy has worked in all aspects of habitat conservation, including research, habitat management, project design and implementation, and environmental advocacy. Her field work has spanned from the Pacific Northwest as far south as Argentina, with a major focus on the Central Valley of California.


Stacy Small-Lorenz holds a doctorate in Biological Sciences from University of Missouri-Columbia's Avian Ecology Lab. She is a Research Associate with the Smithsonian Institution’s Migratory Bird Research Center and she is a past board member of the Board of the American Wind and Wildlife Institute. She has received awards from PRBO Conservation Science, Cooper Ornithological Society, and the Association of Field Ornithologists.

Stacy is also a documentary photographer and plays violin with the NIH Philharmonia, which raises funds for The Children’s Inn at the National Institutes of Health. In her free time, she enjoys yoga, cross-country skiing in remote places, paddling large rivers while birding, and camping on river islands.

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    Stacy Small-Lorenz


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