Jennifer Pitt

Director, Colorado River Project

Areas of expertise: Land, Water & Wildlife Programs, rivers and deltas, Colorado River Delta


Jennifer Pitt manages EDF’s efforts on the Colorado River, to protect and restore the delta and reform water policy. She works with water users throughout the Colorado basin to develop practical programs to restore river habitats, and critically, to dedicate water to environmental resources. Her expertise includes the US-Mexico border environmental issues, the legal and policy framework for Colorado River management, the economics of water use and water transfers, and the science of river restoration.

Jennifer has represented EDF in multi-party negotiations including a successful effort to find common ground between water users in Arizona and environmental interests concerning the future of the Yuma Desalting Plant.


M.E.S, Yale University.

Before Jennifer joined EDF in 1999, she worked on river restoration for the National Park Service, and as a legislative aide to Congressman Mike Kopetski (OR-5). She has also worked as a ranger at Mesa Verde and Sequoia National Parks.

Jennifer has an AB from Harvard College and an MES from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.


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