Eileen McLellan

Chesapeake Bay Project Coordinator

Areas of expertise: Land, Water & Wildlife Programs, endangered species, water quality


Eileen McLellan, Ph.D., is a scientist and coordinator of Environmental Defense Fund’s work in the Chesapeake Bay. McLellan is an expert in developing strategies for watershed protection and restoration.

Eileen has extensive experience in issues of water quality, wetlands, endangered species, land use and rural community development.

She focuses on translating conservation science into policy and on designing incentives that encourage private landowners to protect and restore functioning ecosystems.


Ph.D. in Earth Science, University of Cambridge. B.A. (Natural Sciences), University of Cambridge.

Prior to joining Environmental Defense Fund, Eileen served as a private consultant helping rural communities address environmental and land use challenges. In addition to sixteen years as a professor at the University of Maryland, she has worked as a staffer in the U.S. Senate, a lobbyist on Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act and rural development issues, and served as a community leader with various non-profit organizations in the Chesapeake Bay.


Washington, D.C. office

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