Ann Hayden

Senior Program Manager, Working Lands

Areas of expertise: environmental markets, riparian and wetland habitat, rivers and deltas


Ann Hayden leads EDF's efforts in California to restore riparian and wetland habitat to benefit the environment and agriculture.

Ann works to build broad coalitions of state and federal agencies, non-profit partners, landowners, and the private sector to support the development and implementation of environmental markets. Her work on these environmental markets helps increase the extent of healthy freshwater wetland and riparian areas throughout California, and improves delivery of the "environmental services" these habitats provide.



Previously, Ann was a key participant on the Steering Committee for the Bay-Delta Conservation Plan, which is seeking to improve urban and agricultural water supply reliability and restore the San Francisco Bay-Delta estuary.

Education & Experience

M.E.S.M., University of California, Santa Barbara.

Graduate Student Researcher, E.P.A., CA (2001); Water Resources Management Fellow, State Water Resources Control Board, CA (2001); Project Manager, Green Reef Institute, United States Peace Corps, Belize (1998-2000).

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    Ann Hayden


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