Amanda Leland

Vice President, Oceans

Areas of expertise: Oceans Programs, renewing fisheries, marine protected areas


Amanda Leland is Vice President for Oceans.  She is responsible for leading a diverse team of 50 scientists, lawyers, and advocates for healthy and abundant oceans.  She focuses on strategies to transform resource management to achieve productive and profitable fisheries in the US.

Since joining EDF in 2004, Amanda has played a key role in:

  • Winning new policies and laws that promote healthy fisheries and oceans.

  • Securing new marine national monuments in the Pacific Ocean that comprise one of the world’s largest protected areas.

  • Developing new partnerships with NGOs, academics, industry representatives, and others to advance practical solutions.


Amanda has experience in many aspects of fisheries, including as a scientist conducting cooperative research with commercial fishermen in Maine, as a Congressional staff-person focused on ocean issues, and as an advocate advancing policies that promote sustainable and profitable fisheries.

Amanda received her M.S. in Marine Biology from the University of Maine.

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    Amanda Leland


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