Environmental Defense Action Fund: Inhofe Amendment Means Unlimited Carbon Pollution, More Asthma, Less Clean Energy

January 10, 2014
Keith Gaby, 202-572-3336, kgaby@edactionfund.org
Sharyn Stein, 202-572-3396, sstein@edactionfund.org

"Make no mistake, a vote for the Inhofe amendment is a vote for unlimited carbon pollution in our air. It’s a loophole for big utilities that will result in more asthma attacks for our kids and less clean energy for our future.

"The new clean air rules will create jobs building clean energy resources and updating power plants, and Senator Inhofe's attacks will only cause economic uncertainty. Senators who care about clean air and a healthy environment must oppose this shutdown of the Clean Air Act."

-Elizabeth Thompson, President, EDAF

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