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Position Locationsort descending Posted date
Communications Associate, Clean Energy Austin, TX 2015-04-22
Receptionist/Office Assistant Austin, TX 2015-03-23
HR Coordinator New York, NY 2015-04-08
Staffing Manager New York, NY 2015-04-10
Manager, Finance Applications New York, NY 2015-04-23
Program Financial Analyst New York, NY 2015-05-13
Board Liaison New York, NY 2015-04-27
Learning and Development Manager New York, NY 2015-04-20
Senior Director, Mexico Oceans Program Other 2014-12-22
Research Analyst - Office of Chief Scientist San Francisco, CA 2015-04-07
Senior Assistant, Pacific Oceans San Francisco, CA 2015-04-29
Research Analyst San Francisco, CA 2015-05-04
Program Assistant, Clean Energy San Francisco, CA 2015-05-27
Principal Gifts Coordinator San Francisco, CA 2015-05-27
Institutional Giving Grant Writer Various 2015-05-27
Agricultural Water Project Manager Various 2015-05-01
Marketing and Communications Coordinator Various 2015-03-23
Senior Specialist, Seafood Markets Strategy Various 2015-05-26
Director of Regulatory Strategy, Clean Power Plan Various 2015-04-23
Senior Specialist, Northeast Fisheries Policy Various 2015-04-29
Senior Scientist, Office of Chief Scientist Various 2015-05-26
Senior Climate Scientist Various 2015-01-14
Senior Advisor, Global Oil & Gas Initiative Various 2014-12-22
Attorney, US Climate Legal and Regulatory Washington, DC 2015-03-12
Program Assistant, U.S. Climate Legal and Regulatory Washington, DC 2015-05-01
State Affairs Manager, Clean Power Plan Washington, DC 2015-05-18
Advocacy Coordinator Washington, DC 2015-05-13
Attorney, Oceans Program Washington, DC 2015-05-26