Internships and fellowships

EDF Interns

Have you dreamed of joining the action on Capitol Hill? Perhaps you want to see what life is like at a top company. Or maybe you’d like experience working in the field with endangered species.

EDF offers internships and fellowships for students and recent graduates in a variety of programs and departments throughout the organization. Click the links below to learn more.

Select an open position listed below to apply.

Position Location Posted datesort ascending
Summer Intern: Analyst, Financing of Natural Infrastucture Washington, DC 2015-04-16
Midwest Clean Energy Intern Austin, TX 2015-04-16
Clean Energy Communications Intern Austin, TX 2015-04-15
Intern, Global Program Development San Francisco, CA 2015-04-15
Small-Scale Fisheries Intern Washington, DC 2015-04-14
Clean Energy Research and Analysis Intern San Francisco, CA 2015-04-13
Communications Intern - Ecosystems San Francisco, CA 2015-04-13
Postdoctoral Fellowship San Francisco, CA 2015-04-10
Communications Intern – Ecosystems Washington, DC 2015-04-07
2015 Stanford University Lokey Fellow Various 2015-04-06
Sustainable Sourcing Initiative Intern Washington, DC 2015-04-02
High Meadows Postdoctoral Fellow - Office of Chief Scientist Various 2015-04-01
Intern, Corporate Partnerships – Forests, Carbon Markets and Agricultural Supply Chains Boston, MA 2015-04-01
Science Intern, Mississippi River Restoration (Summer) Washington, DC 2015-04-01
Mississippi River Delta Communications Intern (Summer) Washington, DC 2015-03-27
Oceans Research Fellow San Francisco, CA 2015-03-27
Oceans Communications Team Intern Washington, DC 2015-03-24
Graduate Research Intern, Natural Gas Accountability & Compliance Initiative Various 2015-03-20
Training Intern, Fisheries Solutions Center Raleigh, NC 2015-03-20
High Meadows Post-Doctoral Fellowship Boston, MA 2015-03-20
Legal Fellowship, U.S. Climate & Air Legal and Regulatory Advocacy Washington, DC 2015-03-12
U.S. Climate Legal and Regulatory Technical Fellow Various 2015-03-12
2L Legal Intern, U.S. Climate Legal & Regulatory Advocacy (Summer) Washington, DC 2015-03-09
1L Legal Intern, U.S. Climate Legal & Regulatory Advocacy (Summer) Washington, DC 2015-03-09
Public Interest Law School Fellow (Summer) Washington, DC 2015-03-09
U.S Climate Legal & Regulatory Research Intern (Summer) Washington, DC 2015-03-09