Fisheries Project Manager

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Overall Function
The Fisheries Project Manager will play a central role to advance our fisheries science and policy work in the region. This position will report to the New England Regional Director.

The Fisheries Project Manager will be a principal player in achieving the program’s fisheries goals for New England. This will involve coordinating strategic direction, keeping track of objectives and milestones, communicating with a broad diversity of influential stakeholders, helping to develop and implement novel science and policy tools, and making sure our staff and consultant teams are most effectively deployed to achieve our goals.

Key Responsibilities
The primary responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Help to develop and have primary responsibility for implementation of strategies for fisheries management improvements in New England.  This includes researching and marshaling human resources and fiscal assets, developing external partnerships, using media and outreach materials, conducting on-the-ground- assessments and identifying and developing key fishermen and stakeholder supporters.
  • Work with our Director of Spatial & Ecosystem Initiatives on the nexus of science and policy, spatial management and fisheries management, and ecosystem ecology and fisheries science to advance collaborative and cutting edge approaches to managing the oceans. Developing and implementing science and policy strategies for responding to climate change is a high priority.
  • Recruit and supervise outside consultants on the development of research and information to advance our objectives, including developing fisheries economic and business studies.
  • Identify, design and oversee team efforts which will work directly with key fishermen and other stakeholders to effectively leverage their voices with council members, commission members, state and federal agencies executives and other key decision makers to advance sound fisheries policies and regulations throughout New England. Participate in and/or oversee community outreach efforts to ensure successful plan implementation.
  • Serve on federal and state advisory panels and committees key to advancing sound fisheries management in the region.
  • Engage in fundraising support activities and collaborate on proposals and reports required by grantors or other requesting parties.
  • Undertake and complete special projects as assigned by the Regional Director.


  • Graduate degree plus 4 or more years of relevant professional experience, in Science, Policy, Economics, or Law, in areas related to environmental or marine resources policy, aquatic sciences, environmental sciences or related fields.  Additional experience may be considered in lieu of a graduate degree.
  • Strong understanding of state and federal policy making and political processes and demonstrated ability to apply this background to achieve advocacy goals.
  • Understanding of business, environmental, financial, scientific and other issues related to creating and maintaining sustainable fisheries, including responding to effects of climate change.
  • Demonstrable people and project management skills.
  • Demonstrable analytic skills and ability to perform rigorous analysis in support of highly visible work.
  • Demonstrable written and oral communication skills.
  • Negotiation skills.
  • Ability to garner consensus between disparate groups with conflicting priorities.
  • Ability to recognize and build on market and strategic opportunities for progress.
  • A self-starter with the ability to think strategically and the initiative to work in a small regional office while effectively functioning as part of a larger program team.
Boston, MA

Due to the volume of employment applications and queries received, EDF is unable to respond to each application individually. Applicants will be contacted directly if selected as a candidate.

Environmental Defense Fund is an Equal Opportunity Employer

September 4, 2014
Regular Full-Time
Boston, MA, United States