How we work

We use a uniquely effective approach, drawing on science, economics, partnerships and bipartisan outreach.

We solve problems by bringing together insights from many disciplines and diverse groups of people.

Founded by scientists, [EDF] believes in data...It promotes market incentives to change behavior and isn’t afraid to work with industry.

Utterly nonpartisan, it is oriented toward practical policy solutions.

Joe Nocera New York Times columnist

Our core strategies

  • Economic incentives »

    Economic markets are a powerful force. We design and reconfigure markets so that they help, rather than harm, the Earth's life-sustaining systems.

  • Partnerships »

    Farmers, investors, businesses large and small -- they are all essential to solving environmental problems. We find ways to engage them in sustainability.

  • Sound science »

    Science is the foundation of our work. It guides us to the most serious environmental challenges and identifies what's needed to preserve health and well-being.

  • Nonpartisan policy »

    No major environmental law has ever been passed without large, bipartisan majorities. We develop and advocate policies that can win wide support.

How we choose our work

We focus on environmental problems where our expertise is most urgently needed.

  • Is it a scientifically important challenge, not being sufficiently addressed by others?
  • Is it the kind of work EDF is best at, where markets are part of the most effective response?
  • Do we have, or can we attract, the resources needed -- expertise, relationships and funding?

For most of our work, the answer to all three questions is "Yes."