Toxic chemicals and Latino health

EDF Health has teamed up with America’s largest Latino advocacy organization, League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), to spotlight serious and underreported health threats linked to toxic chemical exposure that may disproportionately impact Latino communities.

Because of deficiencies in current laws that are supposed to protect us, chemicals are not required to be shown to be safe in order to be used even in common consumer products. Consequently, we are all exposed to potentially hazardous chemicals every day in the products we use in our homes and in the workplace.

Scientists believe that chemicals found in these products may be contributing to rising rates of reproductive problems, early puberty, and cancers. Latinos may be at increased risk for these health conditions, though reasons for the disparity are not fully understood. Residents in Latino communities may be more susceptible to health effects of certain chemicals, more likely to be exposed at home and in the workplace, or both.

Explore the resources below to learn more about the impact of everyday chemicals on you and your family.

Chemicals and reproductive health: Learn how chemicals may contribute to reproductive health problems among Latina women.

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Chemicals and cancer: Learn how chemicals may play a role in the development of cancer in your community


Video: Who ensures the safety of chemicals in the products you buy today?
The shocking answer is: No one!

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