Why we fight for toxic chemical reform

Chemicals in this product may harm children (mattress tag artwork)

Polybrominated flame retardants (PBDEs) and similar chemicals—often added to furniture, electronics and infant products—are increasingly found in human blood, breast milk, and tissues and linked to many neurocognitive problems in children.

Yet, recent tests have shown — shockingly — that the flame retardants don’t actually protect us from fires, and investigative reports now reveal how flagrantly deceptive the chemical industry was, starting in the 1970s, to get laws passed that mandate massive use of flame retardant chemicals in furniture and other consumer products.

We need a new law that places the burden on chemical companies to prove their products are safe, rather than on the EPA to prove they are unsafe.

Richard DenisonDr. Richard Denison EDF senior scientist
Chemicals in your home

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