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Environmental Defense Fund completed fiscal 2013 on a sound financial footing, with a record level of program expenditures from continued strong growth in support. Total program and supporting services expenses were $120.5 million, a 14% increase over the previous year.

Unrestricted support and revenue of $120.8 million was used to pay for current operations during fiscal 2013. Contributions and membership, including a portion of net assets released from restrictions, provided 54% of this amount, while foundation grants, also including a portion of net assets released from restrictions, provided 38%.

Net restricted operating support and revenue of $32.8 million in fiscal 2013 reflects contributions from multiyear gifts and pledges for use in future years. These gifts play an increasingly important role in enabling us to plan our work, most of which involves multiyear efforts.

We spent a total of $120.5 million in fiscal 2013. Program services accounted for 84%, or $101.2 million, a new record. Development represented 7% of expenditures, while management and administration was 6%. Membership and new member acquisition totaled 3%.

Thanks mainly to gifts designated for future years, total net assets grew $35.5 million to $192.1 million during fiscal 2013.

We report our results using Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), which require us to record income based on the year funds are raised, not in the year designated for use, among other requirements.

The Unrestricted column in the financial statement on the following pages parallels our operating budget. To build the budget, we look first at funds available from multiyear gifts, then at a forecast of new fundraising and prospective spending. As the year unfolds, we monitor fundraising and adjust spending to maintain a balanced budget.

We are thankful for the support of all our members and donors this past year. Your continued generosity provides the resources needed to achieve our ambitious program goals and respond to urgent challenges for the environment.

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