Climate change: Weather on steroids

Extreme weather events are connected to rising temperatures

  • Hotter air increases ocean evaporation, and a warmer atmosphere also can hold more water than a cooler atmosphere. This warmer, more moist atmosphere can intensify weather events.

  • Bigger storms, higher storm surgesLarger storms in recent years are exemplifying what climate models are predicting: more powerful, with unprecedented storm surges.

  • Massive blizzards linked to climate change

    Wacky winter weatherOn winter days when the temperatures are below freezing, the snowfall may be record breaking because there is more moisture in the atmosphere.

  • Heat waves and climate change

    Scorching heat The 10 warmest years globally have all occurred in the past 15 years.

  • Droughts and wildfires in the era of global warming

    Droughts and wildfires for the record booksShifting air currents carry moisture away from dry areas, making parched areas prone to wildfires.

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