8 global warming effects that may surprise you

  • Canada looking more like America

    Canada looking more like America"Lusher" vegetation growth typically associated with the United States is now becoming more common in Canada, scientists reported in a 2012 Nature Climate Change study. NASA

  • Climate change forces insurers to charge more

    Climate change forces insurers to charge moreTravelers Insurance CEO Jay Fishman, speaking on CNBC in 2013, said his company has increased premiums by 6 percent for the past three years because of weather-related disasters.Tony Arruza/CORBIS

  • Iconic Western forests decimated by beetles

    Iconic Western forests decimated by beetlesSince 1996, bark beetles have decimated an area roughly the size of Washington State. One reason: Recent winters haven't been cold enough to kill off the beetles.Photo: Rick Bowmer/AP. Inset: R. Baker & S.B. Bambara/NC State.

  • "Food-flation" hits your walletThe 2012-13 massive drought hit crops and livestock hard, and triggered increases in many food prices, especially dairy and meat.

  • Allergies

    AllergiesAllergy sufferers beware: A leading researcher has warned that climate change could cause pollen counts to more than double in the next 30 years.

  • Climate change threatens national security

    Climate change threatens national securityIn 2013, U.S. Pacific Command Chief Adm. Samuel J. Locklear said rising sea levels can destabilize global security as residents of flood-stricken countries become refugees.©EU/ECHO/Martin Karimi via Flickr

  • Lyme disease alert

    Lyme disease alertWarmer temperatures are contributing to the range expansion and severity of tick-borne Lyme disease.Map: American Lyme Disease Foundation

  •  And lookout: Infectious diseases could get worse.

    And lookout: Infectious diseases could get worse.In Bangladesh, for example, a rise in water temperature has been observed to increase the risk of a cholera outbreak by two to five times. Anupam Nath/AP

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