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Winter 2015

Blueprint for climate stability [PDF]

Global carbon emissions have been climbing for more than a century. EDF has a plan to reverse that trend by 2020 — and turn the corner toward climate stability.

Fall 2014

A Fishery on the Rebound [PDF]

On the West Coast, fishermen show they can be good stewards of the sea.

Summer 2014

Green power comes home [PDF]

Cheap green electricity is no longer a pipe dream. How you can slash your utility bill and short-circuit climate change.

Spring 2014

Guardians of the Amazon [PDF]

At home in the forest, Brazil’s Kayapo are key actors in the fight against global climate change.

Winter 2014

The Fix-it Brigade [PDF]

What young climate activists are teaching Apple, Caterpillar and other Fortune 500 companies.

Fall 2013

Colorado comes clean [PDF]

The state has transformed into a testing ground for a low-carbon future.

Summer 2013

Net gain: Saving the oceans [PDF]

Can 45 million fishermen help save the oceans?

Spring 2013

Forest defender [PDF]

Today’s environmental challenges are different from those of the 20th century. So are the people solving them.

Winter 2013

The new normal? [PDF]

A season of extreme weather triggers a national debate on climate resilience—and action.

Fall 2012

Delta rising [PDF]

Launching the most ambitious environmental restoration project in the nation’s history.

Summer 2012

Protecting the great predators [PDF]

Sharks are among the oldest surviving animals on Earth. Can we save them?

Spring 2012

The clean air wars [PDF]

EDF’s tenacious legal team holds the line against the Clean Air Act’s biggest opponents.

Winter 2012

Wise investments [PDF]

Snowfall in California’s High Sierra supplies much of the state’s fresh water. What is the true value of such a resource?

Fall 2011

Dawn in New England [PDF]

A brighter future for america’s most troubled fishery.

Summer 2011

We can do it [PDF]

Moms unite to take on polluters and pols—and anyone else who threatens their kids.

Spring 2011

Congress to kids: Breathe less! [PDF]

Defying science and the Supreme Court, the U.S. House is waging a reckless war on America’s clean air protections. But at what cost to our children?

Winter 2011

Truce in the Delta [PDF]

In California, water makes deserts bloom and cities grow. Can it now save the environment?

Fall 2010

A perilous recovery [PDF]

As the Gulf struggles to its feet, the region unites to save an ecosystem vital to people and nature.

Spring 2010

A greener Walmart [PDF]

In search of a more sustainable future, the retail giant focuses on China.

Winter 2010

Power to the people [PDF]

Building the national electric grid of the future-today!

Fall 2009

Sharing the catch [PDF]

Fishermen embrace a new approach to solve overfishing.

Summer 2009

The House Makes History [PDF]

House of Representatives passes historic legislation to lower U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.

Spring 2009

The race to reinvent energy [PDF]

Pressing the start button on American innovation.

Winter 2009

A message from our president [PDF]

Congress must support President-elect Obama’s call for immediate climate action.

Fall 2008

Getting closer [PDF]

Senate majority calls for real debate on climate.